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JA series helium recovery & liquefaction system
JA series helium liquefaction system
CP Series helium purification system
Cryogenic thermostat
Vacuum System
LHe / LN2liquid level meter
Temperature measurement system
JP helium / nitrogen infusion tube
Cryogenic / Vacuum parts
Low temperature / Vacuum brazing process
Upgrading and upgrading the technical service
Helium gasbag
CW series chillers
JAP Non magnetic working platform
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JAcube (Beijing) Technologies Co., Ltd.
Add:1-1-1G, Changning Building, Kandan bridge,fengtai district,Beijing,China
JAcube (Beijing) Technologies Co., Ltd. is specialized in low-temperature vacuum systems applications engineering R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of high-tech companies, under the Beijing Zhongguancun High-tech Park. Beginning from inception, has been committed to serving low-temperature technology superconducting vacuum, semiconductor, space technology and nuclear magnetic resonance and other fields, and to undertake various types of cryogenic liquefied helium recovery system engineering and design, manufacturing, installation, operation support services.
Company has more than 30 employees, including college staff ratio of 70% or more annually by a professional technology company providing systematic training for technical staff; company has a cryogenic vacuum diagnostic / detection and gas analysis of dozens of professional equipment for product development and technical services to provide strong support.
Since 2009, the JAcube (Beijing) Technologies Co., Ltd. have jointly developed by Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS , first commercial operation using the 1.5W @ 4.2K GM coolers JA100 design and manufacture of helium liquefaction plant, liquefied helium 70 -100L/D, has been used in the SECRAL in Institute of Modern Physics,CAS. Start a resource products --- helium recycling new milestone.
Companies around 4K temperature zones expand product development, as well as purified helium, helium liquefaction and cryogenic measurements of the core technology for the development of a variety of different users cryogenic purification systems, cryogenic helium liquefaction system and measurement systems to meet the different users at low temperatures purification of the gas liquefaction and measurement work requirements; relying on low-temperature and low-temperature welding test seep ratio of professional experience and advantages, gradually assumed the various types of cryogenic pipeline project, cryogenic vacuum design and manufacture of non-standard parts, has won praise users.
Today, JAcube rely on their own professional and technical advantages, innovation, and actively participate in the development of major national infrastructure projects, in the helium recovery / purification / liquefaction providing technical / equipment solutions, from the laboratory superconducting magnet recycling liquefied to industrial production lines exhaust recovery / purification utilization of resources is becoming JAcube gas equipment suppliers and gas recovery purification supplier.
Laboratory magnet helium recovery & liquefaction system
JA series helium recovery & liquefaction system
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